WE magazine CEO Mrs.Sumathisrinivas was invited from British parliment


WE magazine CEO Mrs.Sumathisrinivas was invited to give a speech in British Parliment.
















WE Magazine CEO Sumathi srinivas – A catalyst
Sumathi Srinivas has travelled a long distance from being a simple and assuming homemaker to what she is now – a successful woman entrepreneur and an inspiration to many women and a support for women upliftment by doing various programmes,activities and workshops Much of her success and energy comes from her being a multi-faceted personality managing a wide gamut of activities. She is the CEO n Editor-in-chief of Women Exclusive “WE Magazine”,she runs a corporate event management company,she heads the “TwiliteGroup” and “Rays publications” Founder of the hugely successful women network EWC ( Elite Women Confederation) and “INSIGHTS” a forum exclusively for women entrepreneurs . Her exciting journey and the first glimpse of striving towards women empowerment began with Mrs. Homemaker, a reality show for Women, showcasing the hidden talents of homemakers. and gave number of woman the confidence to come out of their shell and express their identity  she is also into channel programs and film making. Apart from these she runs a foundation named “Soulmates Foundation” which educates the underprivileged children and upliftment of women in rural areas mainly.
A supremely confident personality, living as an example for woman power and multi-tasking, Sumathi never happy wheels misses an opportunity to emphasize the need for women to be independent and confident.She is a Guest Faculty for many leading Colleges /university and she has been interviewed for her achievement in all the leading channels and newspapers. she has received many awards for all her achievements.
The biggest accolade  came in the way of an invite from the British parliament U.K London from Mr VIRENDRA SHARMA, MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT ,  BSICC and UKTNCC  ORGANISERS Jacob Ravibalan , to give a speech on media growth for women and women entrepreneurship in the british parliment among the international audience  Her speech was one of the highlights and she was the only one representing india.
 She also received the  “BUSINESS WOMEN” of the year award 2016  and “WE MAGAZINE” 12yr anniversary was released in the British Parliament U.K London.
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