Bobby Simha lodged a complaint in Nadigar Sangam


Bobby Simha lodged a complaint in Nadigar Sangam regarding the film Meera Jakkiradhai.

Bobby Simha lodged a complaint in Nadigar Sangam

Bobby Simha lodged a complaint in Nadigar Sangam
















Bobby Simha said that I saw Mera Jakkirathai film publicitiy in the print media on the day of KO 2 release and was shocked because , Even I did not know the Director, They have used Nrumeen filn still for the publicity, I dont know who is Monica, who is said to be the heroine of the movie. I have given a complaint regarding the film to Nadigar Sangam,  Nasser and Visha  said that they will  speak to the team. Later  They showd me the trailor, I shot for a film in Tiruchengodu for six days for the director Sathish from Naalaya Iyyakkunar. The film was shot in 5D that it was not a proper feature film, During the shoot  producer’s father said that his son will be shown as director, so ther was missunderstanding between producer and director, Sathish took the hard disk with him, Producer has given complaint in that night , And producer said that the credit will be given to Sathish and asked us to come to Chennai. Despte several attempts we could not able to meet them. One day I met producer’s son in his office he asked me for a editor, so i suggested Alphonse Putheren name, and again they told that Sathish will be not be as director any more , So i told tham that it is not fair and i chose to disassociate in the project.


As fsr as concerd it was in complete film, when i was withdrawn from the movie, I was not approached for dubbing, they want to release the film using my name for the release of the film in May 27th. Now I am going to court to get stay over that film.

The Producer side K.Mageswaran told that four years ago when Bobby was a small time actor we asked him to do villian role and he accpeted for it and acted in 18 scenes.

When Sathish comes to shot with boose and said that he will not give the Hard disk so we gone to Tiruchengodu police station, He given a written letter stating that he will withdrew from the film. We shooted the balance film by bit by bit and at last completed the film. We approached Bobby to dub the film eight months ago, but we never received any answer from him, So we  dubed the film.  At first Bobby said he does know who I am later i told every thing that took place in four years befor , Now he said that he can recoganise me. Now he was a hero so he think that his image will spoil him.When he can promotea film called Eli a short Film which was released as Aviyal , why does he are not co-operating with us and makes the thing difficult for us.

For him this will be a just one more film for him, But for us it is a life for us.


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