Jumbulingam 3D Movie Review


Jumbulingam 3D  Movie  Review

Jumbulingam Movie Review

Jumbulingam Movie Review














After a Long time we can see the entire Japan in  Jumbulingam 3D, Its a movie to watch with childrens, The movie has all childers need, The 3D effect, Magic,& Standup comedy, The movie starts with GoKul learning Magic and leaves his dum mother with is friends and starts travelling to Japan for a Magic show, There he and Anjana gets missing while travelling from Tokyo to another city, The don who booked a special show of Gokul gets upset of his missing and get upset and he catch is friend Erode Magesh, Mean while Baby Hamshika was kidnapped for Money, How Gokul saves the Money of Babys Father and joines the Baby with their parents, The movie has good entertaiment with lovely songs and good photography, Baby hamsika has acted as an experinced child artiste, Gokul has done marvellously.

The Directors Hari & Harish has given a good treat to children by way of Jumbulingam 3D., Every child will enjoy the movie with the effects of best 3D scene and will enjoy the magic of the movie.


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