Movie Review of “KALAM”


Movie Review  of “KALAM”

Movie Review  of "KALAM"

Movie Review of “KALAM”

















Kalam is a horror  film directed by Robert Raj who takes the film in a different way. The Dhadha who buy a bungalow for his son who is in adroad. His so comes to India with his wife Lakshmipriya and with their daughter to sign the property which is brought on his name, After buying the house on his son name Madhusudhan accepts after a long gap and ask him to stay in the house hich was purchased for him. Madhusudhan  goes to Noida for a treatment to his wife. Now the Amzad stay in the house with wife and daughter, There his wife finds happy wheels some one is moving and some sound she hears, Amcad feels that some thing is in the house and he brings a person to take the evil spirit, he tries to take the spirit but says that there is a spirit in the bungalow . Madhusudhan says that there is nothing like that and tells his son that he will stay a hole night. He too feels that there is spirit in the house and accepts, This Picture has handled as usualy like all horror movies till the second half but now the director handles the plot with a different screenplay,  Watch the movie to know the climax. Camera work is too good and even music makes more to feel the horror. The movie to appreciate the new way of twist in the movie.


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