Movie Review of SAALAIYORAM


Movie Review of  SAALAIYORAM

Salaiyooram Movie Review

Salaiyooram Movie Review






The Love Story of a person who works to  collets carbage  falls in love with a rich girl who does research about the waste garbage. The Love story has well handled by the director,  Love has more powerfull than the smell of the waste garbage, were the heroine loves the boy who collects the garbage.

The plot of the film revolves around two personalities who both will be much concerned for cleanliness and also deals in waste management and the one who is removing these debris. The story of the film is quite amazing and impressive thus it attracted a bulk of people. There is a Social message in this film.

Starring: Rajvarma, Sereana, Pandiyarajan, Singhampuli, Muthukkalai.

 The music of the film is composed by Sethuram and he gave a wonderful music to the film. Lyrics of the song are penned by The lyrics were penned by happy wheels Yugabarathi, Francis Kruba, Kavingar Thanikodi and Dir K.Moorthykannan. The film posses six songs which are listed below.

The movie is getting much positive reviews from audience.

Once Serena’s expensive ring falls in a dustbin. Raaj Varma and his friends find the ring for Serena and the latter gives the friends some money as gratitude. In what mode does the movie proceed after this? Does Serena fulfill her ambition and what happens to her love, Pandiyarajan comes as vilian who takes care of  heroine who ic the daughter of his friend Boys rajan.

Raaj Varma and his friend Singampuli are road sanitation workers. In the meantime, Pandiyarajan manages an organization for the differently abled children. Serena lives under his care and is planning to do some research after completing her studies.

Raaj Varma, who has earlier acted in  Naalai Mudhal Kudikka Mattein, has undertaken a different role and gives a realistic performance. Serena does her role with utter conviction. Pandiarajan does his role with few negative shades in a convincing manner. Singampuli does as usualy punch dialouges.


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