Udayanidhi Stalin’s “Manidhan” movie review


Udayanidhi Stalin’s  “Manidhan” movie review

Udayanidhi Stalin's  "Manidhan" movie review

Udayanidhi Stalin’s “Manidhan” movie review
















Udayanidhi Stalin makes a movie with a motive to do movie which is to show his acting skilss, He does film on comedy basics and a last movie Kethu were he tried for an action, now its time to show that he can do acting oriented film.

Manidhan is remake of hindi film jolly LLB,  The movie plot is a  serious courtroom drama which questions the legal system, the rampant corruption and the ability of the rich to control the lives of the poor. It’s the story of an unsuccessful young lawyer named Sakthi (Udhayanidhi) who lands up in Chennai to prove to his Priya ( Hansika) and her family that he is worthy. He gets in chennai and meets his friend Vivek who is also an advocate and do pickle business in the court.  To gain the respect, he desperately tries to snag a case and win. During this time, he runs into Adiseshan (Prakash Raj) who is an unbeatable Supreme Court lawyer. Sakthi watches Adiseshan win a hit-and-run case with ease and tells him he learnt so much from him. But after three months, he still doesn’t have a case and feels he has failed. He plans to return to his native place Pollachi, Priya calls and says that nothing that fails you if you feel like that go to the first place and try again for it, this is the manthra were Sakthi often tells to Priya when ever he lose his faith in life, Sakthi turns to stay in chennai and tries to take the case which Adhi handles,The hit-and-run case. Sakthi takes the case and  gets the help of  TV reporter Jennifer (Aishwarya Rajesh) for  the case. How sakthi  handles the case  with so clam was quite intresting. The main plus for the film is power full court scene dialouges,  Judge played by Radharavi  acting is so natural.  Prakash Raj dialouge deliver is so good and shows the master plan. Manidhan makes to watch the movie for the good screenplay ,Dialouge, Music & Camera.

Ahmed has added the right amount of humour and lengthened the presence of the heroine to make it more appealing to the Tamil audience. But the movie is still a serious courtroom drama where Sakthi fights for the rights of the poor and have-nots. After five films, Udhayanidhi has turned to a more serious, emotional role and has delivered his best performance till date. Playing Sakthi required him to excel at emoting and dialogue delivery and he’s passed the test. Hansika plays Priya, a schoolteacher, and she has essayed her role well too. In fact, her simplicity and subdued acting added to the film. Prakash Raj and Radha Ravi, who are acting veterans, pulled off their roles with ease and both of them have tremendous screen presence. Prakash Raj as the loud, obnoxious Adiseshan was perfect while Radha Ravi as Dhanapal, the give-me-an-interesting-case judge, evoked laughter and respect. The casting is one of the major strengths of this film as is the adaptation. Music director Santosh Narayanan has given some good songs.. Udayanidhi does his acting so naturaly according to his character needs and proves his acting skills.















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