“UNNODU KA” Movie Review


“UNNODU KA”   Movie  Review.

"UNNODU KA"   Movie  Review

“UNNODU KA” Movie Review














Abirami Ramanathan has taste in selecting the comedy sripit, and to release in the summer vacation is   good planning. The movie is mix of village drop back and city oriented equally balanced. The movie starts with the fight between two rival groups in a village, The second scene was a boy and a girl runs in the road, they are chased by the Sundaranbal father who finds his daughter runs away with his lover Bhagat Singh.  Siva and Abirami was trying to make the lovers to get married, So they run in the road and vendor looks and calls their parents and informs them thae Siva and Abirami escaped from their home and they are going to get married. The Parents Prabhu & Urvasi was father & mother to Siva,and Thennavan & Sriranjani are parents to Abirami. They celebrate with distributing sweets to all in the area after knowing that they ran away from house to get married. The twist is that Siva and Abirami are against to each other views  from their child hood , Jayavel calls Keerthivasan as Machan,as they are close friends from their child hood, who comes from village to avoid and to put stop for rivals. Now Kasi keeps house arrest of his daughter who runs away with Bhagat Singh, So Siva promise to his friend Bhagat singh that he will see that they will get marriage.So he Plans as he loves Sunarambal,  Kasi  who is a smuggler of God idols is happy because Siva’s Father was having a handicraft shop, so he accepts to it because he likes Tamilians to come as son in law, Abirami gets angry on seeing Siva and Sundarambal going ia a bike , and she select a boy to get marriage before Siva, Let us see what happens to  Siva & Abirami, that is the movie with twist and turn in it,, In between the two groups comes from  village to city  on searching of Jayavel without knowing that that their house was opposite to each other,and keen on taking  revenge ,  The picture has lot of scope for fun, Love and comedy to enjoy.

. The songs are  catchy Particularly in the flash back scene in the village a song with Cock & Hen with childers,   Can watch with family and enjoy the Summer vacation.



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