“AMMA KANAKKU” Movie Release on 24th June 2016


Amala Paul in “AMMA KANAKKU” Movie  Release on  24th  June 2016

"AMMA KANAKKU" Movie  Release on  24th  June 2016

“AMMA KANAKKU” Movie Release on 24th June 2016

















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Wunderbar another movie AMMA KANNAKKU is also a Hit Film which will hit theaters from 24th.

The Knot of the movie is a relationship of Mother and Daughter. Amalapaul  finds very difficult to bring her child so far with lot of dreams, after Amalapaul husband dies  she never thought of abortion. Even many says her to it, she wants to give birth and want to bring the child in big level in society. But she deliverd a girl baby and she never felt for it. She named her girl baby as Abinaya. Abinaya was a adament girl who necer listen to her mother. Shanthi Mother of Abinaya  works as maiden servant in a doctors home and later time in a fish market for her daughter education. Abinaya says to her mother  that studing is not that easy as you think and hurt her often, So Amalapaul joins in school  and even in the same class were her daughter studying. Shanthi  sits near a boy who is intelligent and She gets good marks than her daughter. Now abinaya challenges her mother that she will score more marks than her mother. One day Abinaya see that her mother comes to home  in bike, So she gets upset and again she   make her hurt with Stealing the money that she was saving for Abinaya furure, later she comes to known the truth that how her mother was contributed her life because for her and she makes her mother happy by joining fot IAS.

The story was so natural that it take place in most of the family by not lisenting to the parents words.

Samuthirakani comes as master and does his job well, Amalapaul and the girl acted as her daughter too performed  so good. the dialouge was so neet and needy ones. Thanks to the Director who has taken the movie in the way that for family. Music of Ilayaraja RR and song are quiet good. Thanks to Dhanush for taking a Good Movie without any commercial and a story for a scocial cause.




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