Apollo Hospital Inaugrated a centre for COLON DISEASES


Apollo Hospital Inaugrated a centre for COLON DISEASES

Apoilo Hospital Inaugrated a centre for COLON DISEASE

Apollo Hospital Inaugrated a centre for COLON DISEASES


Apollo Hospital has opened a center for Diseases of Colon on Monday @ Apollo hospital. They  Inagurated a centre that will exclusively for colon.

The Apollo Centre for Colorectal Diseases


In the Presence of

Dr Prathap C Reddy , Founder, Chairman of Apollo Hospital Group

Ms Preetha Reddy, Executive Vice Chairperson , Apollo Hospitals Group

Dr VenkateshMunikrishnan, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon Apollo Hospitals

Dr KR Palaniswamy, Sr Consultant, Medical Gastroenterologist, Apollo Hospitals Chennai

Date & Time: Monday , 20th June 2016 ,   Time   :  3PM 
Venue:  Basement Auditorium   Apollo Hospitals , Greams Road ,  Chennai – 600006

The Apollo Institute of Colorectal Surgery is one of India’s first dedicated  centers for management of diseases of colon, rectum and anus. The institute offers happy wheels cutting edge treatments in proctology,Pelvic Floor Diseases aand Laparoscopic & Robotic Colorectel surgery for Colorectal Cancer.

The centre will have a multidisciplinary clinical team for colorectal surgeons, medical gastroenterologists, oncologists, pathologists,radiologists and specilalist nurses. The patients with symptoms of colorectol disesaes such as rectal bleeding, Blood in stool, pain in abdomen, Iron deficiency, anemia and change irregular of bowels.

Colorectal Cancer is preventable & Curable.

The tests used for diagnosing colorectal cancer is gold standard test for examining the colon and rectum is called colonoscopy. The best treatment for colorectal cancer is surgery. surgery will remove the diseased segment of colon or rectum and rejoin the healthy ends of the guts.

90 Percent of colorectal cancer is preventable & curable if detected early. To reduce risk of developing colorectal cancer is to increase physical activity and exercise regularly.maintain your weight in the ideal range. Eat fiber diet, fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans,and grains. Stop smoking and avoid alcohol.


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