Independence Day Releasing on June 24th in English & Tamil


Independence Day: Resurgence Releasing on June 24th

Independence Day: Resurgence-In English and Tamil-Releasing on June 24th

Independence Day: Resurgence-In English and Tamil-Releasing on June 24th



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Way back in 1996, filmmaker Roland Emmerich had come up with Independence Day, the

release of which coincided with that of the American Independence Day, July 4 th . Made at a cost

of nearly $75 million, the film grossed about $ 817 million, standing out as the highest grosser of

that year and as the 2 nd highest grosser of all time (till then!). The film focuses on a disparate

group of people who converge in the Nevada desert in the aftermath of an alien attack and,

along with the rest of the human population, participate in a last-chance counterattack on July

4, the same date as the Independence Day holiday in the United States. It won the Academy

Award for Best Visual Effects while it was nominated for Best Sound Mixing.

After exactly 2 decades, Roland Emmerich is now back with its sequel, Independence Day:

Resurgence which is a science fiction disaster film made at a budget of about $200 million



It is exactly twenty years since the world has slowly but steadily resumed its normalcy after

having survived the destructive and disastrous attack of the aliens. The Earth Space Defense

(ESD), created by the U.N., is a united global defense program that serves as Earth's early

warning system and the main defense force using technology salvaged from remains of the alien

forces, with some military forces assembled on the Moon, Mars and Rhea. However, the aliens

were able to send a distress signal to their other battalions before their final defeat while others

went into hiding elsewhere around the world, it appears! Having received the signal, the aliens

in the ambit of the deep space and send a larger and more powerful battle fleet, threatening

the human race once more, this time, with an extremely powerful gravitational machine! The

story begins on a Russian outpost on Saturn's moon Rhea, the farthest human settlement in the

Solar System. The outpost is destroyed along with most of Saturn's rings when what looks like a

black hole opens right next to it. The story then cuts back to a small African country in the

Congo where David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) is investigating strange reports from the downed

City-Destroyer that crashed near there.

Cast-Bill Pullman, Liam Hemsworth, Judd Hirsch, Vivica A. Fox, Brent Spiner Charlotte

Gainsbourg and many others

Music –Harald Kloser and Thomas Wankar

Cinematography-Marcus Forderer

Edited by-Adam Wolfe


The film has been shot at locations in Los Angeles, London, Dubai (Burj Khalifa) and Singapore,

at the Marina Bay Sands. As far as Roland Emmerich is concerned, this sequel marks a return to

the universe he and co writer and producer Dean Devlin created two decades ago. They

captured cinematic lightning in a bottle—electrifying audiences around the around the world

with drama, action, fun, unforgettable characters, and a presidential speech that’s still quoted

today. Notably, the new film is Emmerich’s first sequel. “This world is very special to me, and I

wanted to do right by it and the characters,” says the filmmaker. He further adds that making

this sequel was indeed a chance to employ visual effects that were light years ahead of those

available twenty years ago!

“I think it was during the making of 2012. That was the first movie I shot using digital cameras,

the first one I totally relied only on CG computer graphics for the effects and I realized all of a

sudden, how far technology had advanced!’’

We infer that while in the 1996 movie about 400 to 450 visual effects shots were used but now

in 2016, nearly 2000 of such shots have been used!

Roland Emmerich is a master at mixing grandeur and fun, always pushing boundaries of scale

and scope!

The film is releasing in Tamil too on June 24 th , 2016.

The film is releasing in about 150 screens in entire Tamilnadu out of which 80 screens will show the Tamil version.
Since some time, it is the dubbed Tamil version of Hollywood films that are dominating the screens in the State.
Starting with the Tamil version of Jungle Book,  the Tamil version of The Conjuring 2 released last Friday is doing extremely well, like its English original.
Likewise, Independence Day: Resurgence, releasing in English and Tamil on24th June, has been lapped up by big screens in the State, Chennai included!

It is raining Hollywood films in Chennai in particular and Tamilnadu as a whole…
The Synopsis and the write up in Tamil have more information…


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