“ARDHANAARI” released on Ramzan festival 7/7/16


“ARDHANAARI”  released  on Ramzan festival  7/7/16

"ARDHANAARI"  released  on Ramzan festival  7/7/16

“ARDHANAARI” released on Ramzan festival 7/7/16















The love Story between a cop and the child kidnapers, Directed by Sundarra Elangovan and produced by A.S.Muthamiz. Cast Includes Ramkumaar, Arundhati, Nassar. Arundhadi comes as cop who deals on the Kidnapper, Hero fals in love with Arundhadi, Ramkumar as brought up from the orphan runs by Nazeer, Later Kidnapers kills Nazer the care taker of the orphans, Now Hero takes revengeand tries to find the killer, Arundhadi trace the root of the killer, both travels  at last Ramkunar comes to know that the villian tries to kill arundhaai with is own subordinate, at last what happens to the love weather she as been save are not is the climax. The movie has taken without boring, Arundhadi does well as cop. New face Ramkumar was apt to the charector has done his best. Motta rajenran as usual he takes the credit for his character. The movie has to watch who the children are trickly used by the kidnaper who sell the childerns for medical test. 



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