Ice Age: Collision Course-Releasing on July 22nd


Ice Age: Collision Course-Releasing on July 22nd in English, Tamil and Telugu

The Secrect Life of pet release on 8th july

The Secrect Life of pet release on  22nd  July 2016















CURTAIN RAISER – Way back in the year 2002, ‘Ice Age’ that hit the screens, proved a huge hit

that was promptly followed by ‘Ice Age: Melt Down’ in 2006 which too was a massive hit. Then

came ’Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs’ in 2009 standing out as a grosser. Made in 3D in 2012,

‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’ was a big draw at the box-office! Made in 3D again in 2016, ‘Ice Age:

Collision Course’ showcases some spectacular special effects as never before in an ever

enjoyable manner! Though this is the 5 th edition of the series, this film could be referred as a sequel to

the 2012 film.


SYNOPSIS – With a running time of about 94 minutes, the screenplay written by Michael J.

Wilson, begins with Scrat (Chris Wedge, voice cast)our favorite squirrel, traversing the

boundaries of the Earth in search of its favorite nuts-filled fruit, Acron. Eventually, it causes

imbalance owing to cosmic reactions and our herd of friends headed by Manny (Ray Romano),

an elephant, Sid (John Leguizamo), an American species that thrives on trees, Diego (Denis

Leary), a tiger and other friends are forced to set out on a journey that is marked by

adventurous thrills and chills while they explore new lands as well as new friends…

CREDITS –Also included in the voice cast are Queen Latifa as Ellie (Manny’s wife), Jennifer Lopez

as Shira (Diego’s wife), Simon Pegg and Keke Palmer.

The newcomers in the voice cast comprise-Jesse Taylor Feguson, Adam Devine, Nick Offerman

Cinematography- Renato Falco

Releasing on July 22 nd in 2D and 3D in English, Tamil and Telugu




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