KABALI Movie Review


KABALI  Movie Review

KABALI  Movie Review

KABALI Movie Review

The Kabali movie is a story of Malaysian Tamilians who settled long back. Rajinikanth decomes as leader after the death of his Guru Nazzer. Now Kabali the fight of gang detween Kabali and other don like Kishore and Tony Lee. Rajinikanth comes in three getups with old with white beard and one with white hair and without beard and the young in the flash back. The labouer paid for Tamilians is less then others so Kabali fights for the Tamilians to get atleast equal salary and he succeed and became a Leader.

While Nazer son takes revenge and joins hand with Tony and takes Kabali to a Temple and trie to kill him, but Kabali Kills him and others ,So police arrest him and takes him to prison, and he don’t know what happen to his wife Kumuthavalli. The begining of the movie starts Kabali has been introduced in prison, and he was released and comes out to take revenge ot the gangsters called as 43, Rajinikanth introduction dialouge has been waiting by the fans, The dialouge of wearing the coat has been explained that his wife told to dress as to equal to others. Radhika Apte has wife does a good acting in all the scene. kishore fix Dhanshika to kill Kabali, and she follow him to kill, and one point there is a twist and Dhanshika killes the rival group of Kabali sudenly, and saves Kabali and say that you are my Father, Now the story moves how Kabali and her daughter tries to know about his wife ,he comes to pondicherry to meet her, The emotion and the dialouge said by the Kumudavali gives a little sentiment that I was dead till I See you, Kabali takes her to Malaysia and the climax starts between Tony , Kishore of 43 with Kabali. We can see more familier artist who acted in Attakkathi & Madras. Ranjith gave a chance to all of them in Kabali. The stlyle and  punch dialouge which is less for the expectaion of Rajini fans. The usual comedy by Rajini is also missing. The RR was so good and songs are nice to hear. co-artist like Danshika, Riythvika, Kalairasan & Attakkathi Dinesh comes to share the screen space with the Kabali.  Kabali is a movie of a leader who fight for the Tamilians in Malaysia. Finaly watching Rajinikanth movie gives MAGIZHCHI.


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