Road Education – Awareness- Enforcement SAFE on ROADS


SAFE  ROADS  TRANSPORTS  – Road Education – Awareness – Enforcement.

SAFE ROADS TRANSPORTS  - Road Education - Awareness.

SAFE  ROADS  TRANSPORTS – Road Education – Awareness – Enforcement. 
















Road accidents are Predictable and Preventable. TamilNadu Road Safety and Strategy Plan 2016.


The objective of this project is to totaly eradicate road accidents from TamilnNadu and to make our roads safest in the country.

As TamilNadu stands first in the fatal road accidents, it is high time to draw Government attention towardss this threating cause to the State.

We have drawn a complete proposal to educate various types of road users about road sense, traffic knowledge and safe drive.

Current Scenario;

Road safety has many facets and this imperative life threating problem has not changed over years. In fact, individual fatality has increased manifold (more than a lakh per year).



1)  To enhance public awarness about road safety and protection.

2)  All the educational Institutions should have a road safety Department effectively.

3)  Traffic education and road behavior sessions should be made mandatory for private and governmemt


4)  Drivers involved in fatal incidents to be given counselling, training and to involve them in road                   accident awareness session periodically.

5)  More than 50% of road accident victims are the productive age of around 18 – 40 and are from                     economical weaker families. We identify road accident victim families and support them to                           restructure their life by creating livehood training, education their children and showing the right               direction for the rest of their life. We also make their family members get involved in road accident.

6)  Youths  need to be educated on road traits: behavior on roads, good attitude on road should cultivate         from primary classes.

7)  A kid should learn asignal when he/she starts learning Alphabets, road usage and important of                  signals and our road system should be taught in an effective manner.

8)  Researches would be made to cut down the road accident numbers. We belive road education,                     Awarness, with Enforcment of law is the key to change the road behaviors and reduce traffic injuries.


Targeting Risk Factors:


1) Educating Road Knowledge, Road sense to the public.

2) Seat belts and Helmets to be implementted more effectvely.

3) Speed Mangaement and techniques to be educated.

4) Rash and aggeressive riving to be controlled by awverness campaigns with enforcement of the Law.

5) Impaired driving _ alcohol, Drugs, Distravted, Fatigue to the severly punished and councling to be            given.

6) Vulnerable road user’s safety to be increased – Pedestrains, Motorcyclist,Cycliest, three wheelrs.

7) Road signals and signges , Infratructure and intersection of roads to be develpoed. Pedestrian signal        to be made mandatory in all crossing Points.

Targeted Road Users.

1)  Kinder garden Childerns.

2)  Teenage Drivers.

3)  Adolesent drivers.

4) Public transport drivers.

5)  aging & Medically unfit Drivers.

6) general Populations.



contact S. Chakravarty,B.Tech., MIB(NZ)., MMV.  – 91-9965213399.






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