Santhanam “THILLUKKU THUDDU” release 2Day


Santhanam “THILLUKKU THUDDU” release 2Day

Santhanam "THILLUKKU THUDDU" release 2Day

Santhanam “THILLUKKU THUDDU” release 2Day 7/7/16














Thillukku Thuddu is a romatic with horrer, Directed by- Rambala of lollusabhu fame.

Santhanam third film as hero, Kumar (Santhanam) is a son of a dance (mother) and Fightmaster (father), His friend karuna’s van has been taken back by the financer, so he enters the financer house to get the key, There he enters the room of the heroine kajal (shahana) , She plays as she became his friend, till the police arrives. Kumar has taken to police station mean while Karuna bring a gang and throughs stone and ask the financer to with draw the case and he does it. Now Kajal tries to find the childhood friend. whom she loves him from the childhood, She gets Kumars address through her friends and goes straight to Kumar house, There she comes to know that the childhood Kumar was who came to his house, She tells to Kumar that she is Kajal childhood friend, She says that i cant live without you, so Kumar with parents ask Kajal father for the marriage, he refuse, but due to her daughter he accepts and plays drama with Mottai Rajendran and plans to kill him in a hill Station, ¬†They enters ¬†Ghost bungalow without knowing that there is ghost in it. Now the movie starts with fun Sentiments & Horrer, How Santhanam handles the suitution of their plan and how he comes out of it, is the climax of the movie. Snthanam getup was so good as and suites to him. the timing comedy is enjoyable. Good to watch the film.


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