Success Meet of “KABALI” held 2Day 28/7/16


Success Meet of  “KABALI”  held today  28/7/16 @ Hotel Le Maridien Gundy @ 7.30.p.m.

Success Meet of  "KABALI"  held  2Day  28/7/16

Success Meet of “KABALI” held 2Day 28/7/16


Success meet of Kabali held at Hotel Le Meridien, Gunidy @ 7.30p.m.The enire crew has been given space in dias.

Director -Pa. Ranjith  said that Rajinikanth was satisfied with the subject and said ok  for it. Thanu sir has given me full freedom to take the movie, and given permission to work with my own team who worked with me for the last two movies.he thanked Thanu sir for taking the picture to a great height in publicity.

Camer Man –  G.Murali said that he want to thank Ranjith for giving an opurtunity to work with producer S.Thanu and with Rajini. Ranjith sir given me support. He thanked all his assistance and directors asst too.

Music Director – Santhosh Narayanan said when Ranjith told me that i am want to do music for a movie with Rajinikanth I, felt happy and said to Ranjith,  that after the tune gets ready we will show the tune to Rajini sir and get his feed back, If he was not satisfied you can fix some other as Music director, on this condition i accepted, After listening to the tune rajini sir said that he liked the tune and said ok to the tune. I, asked Rajini sir that I, need time and I should not have pressure to my work to get good tunes. Rajini sir told that thaere wont be such like that, and asked to work freely.

Art Director – Ramalingam said that no one has mentioned my name in any media. He said that the art department works even befor a month for shooting and our work has not recoganised by the press. He said that he has erected Thailand set in Senthil studio, and mentuioned were are all he used set.  He thanked S.Thanu sir making me to go Thailand to abserve the place for the set to be used. He said that camerman Murali has said to erect set in the climax for the beauty and for working easy to show in many angels for the Scene beauty.

Stunt Masters – Anbhu Arivu, said that the press has appreciated the fight sequence particularly, were Attaa Kathi Dinesh use to get bottles on his head. He mentioned that Dinesh has got the bottles throw on him several times on his head.

Lyric writers – Vivek, Uma  thanked Ranjith sir for giving songs for them to work for Rajinikanth  movie.

Artist – Atta Kathi Dinesh, Kalairajan, John Venkat were all thanked Director Ranjith for giving acting chance to act with Ranijikanth.

Producer -S.Thanu said He was told by Rajini that you has given me a title as Super Star and I am as Super Star till now because of you who has given the Title. This has told a long back and he tells me that we will do a movie,But a friend ship with Rajini for 36 years I, got the chance only now. He said that I, Fixed Ranjith as Director when I was thinking to fix an Director. That time Aiswarya Ranijikanth daughter was suggested Ranjith, He said that Aiswarya said to me that he saw Madras movie and much impressed on his way of telling. So I, called Ranjith to tell story to Rajinikanth. After listening Rajinikanth told me that he liked the subject, So I told Ranjith to start the work without hearing the story, because Rajini himself said that he liked the subject. After seeing the movie Rajinikanth said that the picture is like mix of Thalapathy  and Basha. Thanu said that Rajini sir was much happy and appriciated Ranjith for the out come of the film. Now the movie is doing well in all areas. Sathyam Theater Manager Munikannaiah said that the collection as 6cr for six days, and it will fetch more in coming days. The total collection till today is 322cr. He said that Kabali is dubbing in Japan Chiness and even in other Languages. I, say that i will do a picture with Ranjith again.

Pro Past President, Nellai Sundarajan, Current President Diamond Babu & Secretary John has honourd Producer S.Thanu & Director Pa.Ranjith with Shawl.

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