“CHOCOBAR” Movie Review Directed by Ram Gopal Varma


“CHOCOBAR”  Movie Review Directed by Ram Gopal Varma

"CHOCOBAR"  Movie Review Directed by Ram Gopal Varma

“CHOCOBAR” Movie Review Directed by Ram Gopal Varma


Chocobar  based on real incident  happened on June 26th 2012 . Medicine student Renu (Tejaswi) move to a new apartment . Renu(Tejaswi) is a rich girl, who stays back alone at her huge bungalow, instead of going to her cousins wedding. On the very first day itself, Renu starts getting some  dreams about her house being haunted with evil people. A scared Renu calls over her boyfriend Vishal(Navdeep) to her house for help. Rest of the story is as to what happens to both of them, and will they survive this evil haunted house during their course of stay.The sound design and camera work  are  essential ingredients for such a horror story , screenplay also takes a upon as a major contributor in this genre.

RGV has nicely used this technology, and the huge house set up also helps to create different angles in the film. with perfect Sound effects in the film are also good and the way the background score is designed for horror film.

When Vishal (Navdeep) joins her and begins explore the new things in the new place. Accidentally he displaces a graven image in the new place, that leads to a series unnatural sounds and extrasensory happenings. Soon Renu starts feeling wraiths around her, but Vishal never believes her and tells her its due to her mental disorder. Seeing the scenarios Vishal stays up for the night. what happens , Did ghosts haunt Vishal  &  Renu  watch for different climax.


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