Director SeenuRamasamy’s “DHARMADURAI” Movie Review


Director SeenuRamasamy’s “DHARMADURAI” Movie Review

Director SeenuRamasamy's "DHARMADURAI" Movie Review

Director SeenuRamasamy’s “DHARMADURAI” Movie Review


Dharmadurai  a family oriented subject with village back drop. Dharma who has done a very good performance in each and every scene where he comes. Dharma was locked in a room by the brothers of Dharma for which he who was suppose to expose to the villagers that the money they collected for chit will not be paid for them. Radhika mother of Dharma makes him to escape from the house. Dharma gets out from his house in the night, where he takes a bag and puts his cloth and some books with him, the money were the brothers collected was in the bag which Dharma has taken without noticing, He goes to the clooage where he studied and became Doctor. The flash back in the Madurai Medical Collage where he studied with Thamana and Shruti Donge were his colleques. The Professer  Rajesh who takes care of him for his character when he had a trouble  with a classmate how made fun of professor, where Thamana and Shruti Donge supports him. Shruthi loves Dharma and tells him openly to come to his house for asking Permission for marriage. Thamana too loves one side and never proposed. After finishing the collage Dharma tells to his friends that  he wishes to do pracice in his native village where he is the first Doctor from his village.

Dharma goes to Shruthi home and ther he comes to that she died in a road accident, and Dharma goes to meet  Thamana in her appartment who was married to another Doctor who works in Hyderabad. Thamana askes that why he became a drunkurd and why he never practiced,  nor get married. Again a small flash back. While Dharma doing  practicing as Doctor in a village  he falls in love with AnbuSelvi who takes care of the villagers,  The family members fix the marriage and when Anbu selvi dreams of her marriage,  Dharma’s brother ask the father of Anbhu selvi dowry of 5l and 50 soverign and it made her to make suicide. M.S.Basker as father gives a good performance, and even  by Aiswarya Rajesh as AnbuSelvi. Dialouges are touching and love scene with AnbuSelvi was handled beautifully.

Then the story moves to climax. The good story with good screenplay. The camera by Sukumar was excellent who shows the village as a good landscape, Songs are too good, Vijaysethupathi is very good artiste, Seenuramasamy comes with Vijaysethupathy for third time. Every family should watch the movie which as comedy with the combination of Kanja Karuppu and Vijaysethupathy.


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