Joker Movie Review


Joker Movie Review


"JOKER" Tamil Movie Release 2Day 12/8/16

“JOKER” Tamil Movie Review


Mannar Mannan acts himself as an president who lives in a village and he takes up social problems with Poonoojal, and Isai as advisor and P.A. The trio go about raising social issues like going to court for a political bigwig’s sand truck hurting a goat to fighting for compensation from a school correspondent in whose premises a four year old girl falls into an open well. The local police and even the collectorate are so used to the President that most of the times they do his bidding. The court ironically awards a huge compensation for the goat, but in the case of the four year old rules that legally the owner of the premises is not responsible. The dejected President signs an order to bring military rule in the country so that he can take the law in his hands and attempts to stab the correspondent.So he was arrested. there the flash back starts and the Director gives a beautiful track of love between Manner Mannan & Malliga, Malliga who rejects Mannar because there is no toilet in his house.But even thou she reject him, he falls in love and tries to impress her when they go for political meeting and gets her biriyani and a wine bottle for her father in a huge crowd. Later she too false in love and accepts his love after he promise that he builds a toilet for her privacy. and the toilet plays a main plot in the subject which made his lovable wife to coma.

The movie joker tells that a  social problem taken by a person is looks like a joker by the public. The movie is brilliantly handled by director with not even a scene kept boring. The director should appreciate for taking an social issue as a subject in his hand. The powerful punch  dialouge will make the audience to think about what happening around us and they make the people who take a public issue on behalf of us as Hero.

The Songs and Backround score are excellent and gives energy to each and every scene by Music director  Sean Roland. acting of Guru Somasundaram, Bava. Ramya Pandiyan and Gayathri Krishnaa and all the character are well acted.

The movie gives a message that don’t see the people as joker who takes the public issue, for the people, and if possiable try to be a part of it to a Good cause.

Songs : Ennaga sir unga sattam, Ola ola kudisaila, Jasmine U,Chellama, Mannar Mannan and Hallabol are well placed and word in the lyrics ars so good. The Producers S.R.Prakash Babu  & S.R.Prabhu are bold producers to take a movie on social issues. Production house is : Dream Warrior Pictures.

The Theaters in Chennai are –  Sathyam, Escape, Palazzo, S2 Perambur, Abirami, Meenakshi, Sangam, Rakki, Devi, Anna, Murugan, Albert, Kamala, Woodlands, Sre Ganga, Mayajal, PVR Velacherry, AGS T.nagar, Villiwakkam and PVR Ampa.




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