“Joker” Thank’s Giving & Success Meet held 2day 23/8/16


“Joker” Thank’s Giving & Success Meet 2day 23/8/16, @ Prasad Lab by 7.oopm

"Joker" Thank's Giving & Success Meet

“Joker” Thank’s Giving & Success Meet


The Guest who came to bless the team are  Nallakanu, Actor Sivakumar, Editor Mohan & Director Lingusamy.

Editor mohan said that i have wished the director and producer personal, even though i front of the press and media I once again wish the whole  team for bringing such a bold content in a cinema. I request the producer to show the film to TamilNadu Chief Minister and to Our Prime Minister Mr Modi.

Director Linghusamy said that I saw the poster design with the toilet as design . I thought that Raju is going to say some thing , but I never thought that he will make toilet as key to the story, I come across Taj Mahal in the Poster to a love Subject or a Vasantha Maligai for a hero to build for a lover even in one picture i saw a lover builds a bus stand of his lover, But Raju Murugan the director has taken as toilet which makes the hero to built  for his coming wife. The bold subject he handeled very nicely, I saw the hero Somasundaram who acted as Manner Mannan has done extremely well. and he lived in that role, I have learnt much from Raju. I  became proud  when my assistant reaches a height. This is what each and ever Director need.

Sivakumar said that S.R.Prabhu is my sister in law son, he grown up in my family, when he was studying eight standard he use to say that uncle can you buy a historical novel for me, That age people never ask such a kind of books to read, As i grew in village i know that how the pain will be for a person who have toilet in their village, We have to go toilet if the stomach upset in the night, it will look so dark there is no current and there is no  torch Iight also, think how we used to go for toilet in such a darkness, Think of ladies about the problem they face for not having toilet.I am happy to see that Prabhu has produced a social involved subject.I know that Raju can do such a kind of film and he now got more responsiable to give more good films.

While Nallakannu said every house should need a toilet like having bedroom and kitchen. The essential of toilet in the village is well established  by the director, and it  shows  that how politician handles the plan made by the government. Tears came from my eyes in watching the film, One movie is more than putting so many  political meeting.There is no big hero nor,known actors in the film.


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