Thamizhselvanum Thaniyar Anjalum review


Thamizhselvanum Thaniyar Anjalum review

Jai in "Thamizhselvanum Thaniyar Angalum" Release 2day

Jai in “Thamizhselvanum Thaniyar Angalum”  Review
















Thamizh selvan (Jai) was looking for suitable job in Chennai , he lives with is sister’s house. his brotherinlaw try to find a job who runs a AC mehanic shop, Later he gets a job in courier company Through his friend Nasa (Santhanam), He meet Kavya who was working in Khadi, to see her regularly,  he himselfs prepare a courier daily and goes to meet her, and love developes, mean while he was chased by a group of  people because he has an important courier with him,Naszer comes  as an social worker See the movie to know about the courier from whom and to whom to deliver, and how it has delivered and what happens after the courier delivered. The film has taken with comedy Romantic and thriller. Santhanam comedy has powerful jokes, VTV Ganesh plays as his uncle who takes care on him.A good movie with an important message which is very useful to know. Director has taken the subject with balanced  to entetain the audience with a needy message with Romantic and comedy mixed . A talented work by the Director.


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