“VAAIMAI” Upcoming Film Launched a new song 2day.


“VAAIMAI” Upcoming Film as launched a new song, The event  held 2day  @ Prasad Lab by 4.00pm

"VAAIMAI" Upcoming Film

“VAAIMAI” Upcoming Film


The event of introducing a new song on Patriotisam which will add in the movie has launched 2day 13/8/16 @ Prasad Lab by 4.00pm. The song was launched by Kalaipuli S.Thanu and recived by Kabali Director Pa.Ranjith.

The song before freedom of India that how the East India Company entered India nad how the Indians ever been as slaves to British and even after how India still is with foreign hand in market has ben penned by Valramuthu, Music by Howgath and voice by S.P.B. Totallly the song is in Animation with 7 minutes CG work done by Coiambatore creative people. The song was very much catchy by way of Music, Lyric and super Voice.

The Producer Mani told the movie came out very well, with most of them involved to bring this project, He appreciated the director that he was gem of a person who was not told any lie. He said that I have never seen a person that who was not spoken a lie in is life. I hope thats why he has keep the title as Vaaimai.

Director told that what ever the problem that can been settled by speaking. either it may a problem between a country are a problem raise in the family are any where. I, like to speak thats why i kept a message that a problem can be solved by speaking.

Poornima Bhakyaraj said that i have acted without knowing the subject so far, I have been directed by Director SenthilKumar by saying that i will tell the story on next schedule, like that he has completed all the entire movie.

Bhakyaraj said even i have done that even till the second positive i use to do it. but Senthil goes further that after completion also he is doing and adding more to the betterment of the fil till now.

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