Mageshbabu’s Spider running Successfully ( Movie Review )


Mageshbabu’s Spider running Successfully ( Movie Review )



Magesh Babu  enters in Tamil Industry as a hero in film with Director Murugadoss, in Spider as Shiva.

Shiva (Mahesh Babu), an Intelligence Bureau official, He  work in a job for which he is over-qualified. He wish to work  in the surveillance wing of the intelligence bureau, as part of a team that taps calls. But despite being instructed that listening to and recording the calls of public is illegal, he does so, with his own software, and plays saviour to people who need help.He wants to help people, even if he isn’t acknowledged for its saves people’s lives and prevents a crime from taking place. When people make panic calls, his systems send him an alert and he listens to the distress calls using his spy apps. One such call lands him a geeky girlfriend, played by Rakul Preet Singh. And another such call makes him cross paths with serial killer Sudalai, He kill everyone from teenage girls to elderly people, without any discrimination of male or female with his brother.a brutal crime that happens under Shiva’s watch. Shiva rushes to a crime scene where two females, one a teenage girl and another a woman cop (Shiva’s friend) have been cut into pieces and their body parts have been mixed up. Now Shiva wants to the issue and he him self start to trace the culprit, Later he finds and comes to know about the killer who is a happy wheels killer from child hood, From young age he laughs in the burial ground when the relatives of dead person cry, That made him as serial killer. Shiva kills Sudalai brother in front of him. He takes revenge on Shiva and attacks him on return he  shoots him. Shiva tried to find with help of satellite where he staying, he has held a family as hostage.He choose  housewives and made bond together by overcoming their fears to stop a murderer. And tells to  people to realize  that they have a moral duty to lend a helping hand to another fellow humanwith the help of that area women he catch him.But he escape and starts to execute the plan which wants to do it. what happens weather he  does it or not, watch Spider move to known the climax. Director A.R.Murugadass screenplay, the way he handles the technology to trace the culprit is unique, and to catch the killer he takes an TV serial as an weapon are the new way to the screenplay. Director use to give message in all his picture. In Spider he tells all to Like and Share the happines and to help each which gives happiness when we help unknown person. S.J.Surya gives an beautiful performance as Sudalai.Magesh Babu stylish  acting and  dialogue delivery is his trade mark. RJ Balaji gives a good companion to him, Heroine has done an neat performance. Music is ok, The set work and CG are highlight for the movie. Can see the picture which gives a good impact on director’s  work.


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