Vaibhav’s ” Taana ” Movie Review


Taana movie review .


Taana movie starts with voice over showing an animation that how a single man Taanakaran saves the people from the thieves in an early centuries before police came to existance. Taanakaran, who became as a guardian to his native.  It’s been more than 20 years since the village had festivals, since the last standing police officer had died and his son, Pandiaraj, has been rejected in police recruitment, on the grounds of physical fitness due to lack of height.So Temple festival in that village does not celebrated so far because there is no police officer person in that family of  Taanakaran, So, Pandiarajan son of Taanakaran dreams to make his son to become an police officer, but he refuse to it. due to his voice changes into that of a female when he is overjoyed or facing deep stress which called as Puberphonis.

Govt official wants to demolish the Temple were there is no pooja held for the past 20 yearsin the village,  To stop the demolish Vaibhav  grandmother makes suicide by setting fire on her body , by seeing this Vaibhav accepts to become an police officer, The superior officer rejects him because he breaks all record of him, , So he takes a chance of the voice change over and rejects him. How Vaibhav  become as police officer by over coming the senior is the plot, Yogibabu as friend gives an good companion to him. The love track between Nandhitha is ok, Music and Camera are good, An entertainment movie,


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