” Surarai Pottru ” movie review


” Surarai Pottru ” movie review.

A movie as Deepawali gift. 4.5 / 5


Surya the producer cum hero has selected a story and plays superbly in the character. Director Sudha Konkura has given a good treat not only for fans of Surya , even for all as Deepavali gift. Heroine Aparna has given her best in this movie.

” Surarai Pottru ” movie is about a Nedumaram whos family fights to bring train to their village, Nedumaran Rajangham who works in Airforce. ¬†was unable to attend his father death due to financial problem, He thought. of opening an airlines of his own, who plans to start without any initial , the other industrialist Paresh Rawal who has an airlines gives much trouble to Nedumaran who has plan to start. How Nedumaran Rajangam won is the plot of the movie.

The screenplay moves the movie with so intestingly.

The camera work is so good, Songs are so catchy. Surrarai Pottru a Deepavali Treat.


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