” Karupangkattu Valasu ” movie review


” Karuppangkattu Valasu ” Movie Review.

The movie about a traditional dancer, his sister daughter and the village, A village called Karuppangkattu Valasu and their people were only 200 people are living,  Vettukkili a dancer, who takes care of his sister daughter from her childhood were she lost her parents,

On the Temple  festival day Vettukilli and Malli his sister daughter both dance in the nights at the festival and goes for sleep, on same night four murder took place, Police takes Vekkukilli and his fellows on interaction, what happen and who did the murders are suspense,

Director’ s selection of story & characters are good with perfect screenplay, Neelima and George does their best, Devaraj best performance, RR & Camera work is so good, A good movie to watch.

Ratio:  3.5 / 5




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