” Pei Irukka Bayamen ” movie review


” Pei Irukka Bayamen ” movie review.


Pei Irukka Bayamen is a horror movie mixed with comedy flavour so that it will take to all kind of audience to watch, This is like Lawrence movie were it makes to attract even childrens also.

The first half is a horror movie , second half is commercialy taken in comedy essence,  keeping family & childrens in mind like Kanchana.

Story goes as Hero & heroine goes to honey moon to a bungalow in Moonar, which is purchased by hero’s ┬ámother in a cheaper rate because, there were ghost in the Bungalow, Now what happens to the newly married couple is the story.

The Director has acted as hero, He has done both the work correctly as hero and Director, Heroine also acted very well and apt to the character. Camera is good, Music director had done a good score in RR, with one melody song.

Pei Irukka Bayamen is a good entertainment movie were we can see and enjoy with family and children. There is no vulgar scene or dialogue. Director made a movie with family in mind. Producer S.T.Tamilarasan has taken the movie with consentrating on all class.


Rating : 4 / 5 by cineinfotv.com.


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