* Kalathil Sandeepom * movie review


* Kalathil Sandeepom * movie review.


* Kalathil Sandeepom * it’s movie of two friends who works in same place and play kabadi in opposite team.Their parents are eager for their marriage. So They seeks bride for each other , what happens for their marriage life is told with family ,friends ,sentiments, love, comedy and fight sequence. This all mixed in right proportion with correct choice of characters.

Arulnidhi and Juice done their best, Robo Shankar and Balasaravanan as their friends also performed well. Both heroine has given their best, the movie has good dialogue with comedy flavour science. Songs, locations ,stunts are added to their credits.

A movie for family by the family of Super Good Films. 

Rating 4 / 5  cineinfotv.com






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